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Reflections on the AH Summit 2023

23 Oct '23
1 minute

Attending the Aspiring Heads Summit has been a transformative experience, one that has left me with profound insights and renewed determination. The summit was a treasure trove of knowledge, a place where aspiring educational leaders like myself came together to share experiences and gain valuable wisdom. One key takeaway was the power of collaboration and networking. Building a support system of fellow educators and leaders from different industries is not just a good practice; it's a lifeline in the journey to headship. The summit emphasised the significance of staying current with the ever-evolving landscape of education through ongoing professional development and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Learning from seasoned leaders and expanding your network are critical aspects of growth.

Tenisha Jones-Davis

Furthermore, I was inspired to shape my leadership philosophy, which champions inclusivity and celebrates diversity. I understand the significance of representation and the unique challenges faced by leaders from a global majority heritage. I will advocate for inclusive policies, diverse curriculum, and support systems that empower every student and black leader.

Lastly, the summit underscored the importance of mentorship and community engagement. Learning from seasoned leaders and expanding your network are critical aspects of growth. The experiences shared by those who have walked the path to headship and breadth of leadership roles were a wellspring of motivation.

I'm leaving the summit with a renewed sense of purpose and a stronger determination to capitalise on my strengths fearlessly.

Thank you Aspiring Heads

Tenisha Jones-Davis


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